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Fright of your life

25 August 2016


Welsh writer and lecturer at Cardiff University Tim Rhys will see his first feature film make its world premiere at the UK’s biggest genre film festival this summer.

Crow is one of only a handful of British films to be selected for FrightFest 2016. The annual international festival in London features 70 films selected from thousands of submissions across the globe.

Currently working on a new gothic psychological thriller, Tim says: ‘It’s been quite a journey, watching my invented characters brought to life, especially with such a great cast and director.

“It’s great to see the creative industry in Wales working on projects from conception through to release like this. We have such talent at all levels. I’m also delighted to be able to help nurture new up and coming writers on the Creative Writing programme at Cardiff University.”

Crow has been adapted for the screen from Tim Rhys’s original stage play Stone The Crows, the screenplay co-written by Tim, along with producer-director Wyndham Price and actor Nick Moran (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels).Young Welsh talent Tom Rhys Harries takes the title role alongside Nick Moran, Andrew Howard (Taken 3), Elen Rhys (World War Z), Danny Webb (Alien 3) and iconic actor Terence Stamp. It has been produced by Cardiff-based Spinning Head Films.

Beginning life among a tribe of outcast travellers Crow has found a home of sorts in the wood. Uprooted first by a police raid and then by gangsters, the tribe is brutally moved on by ruthless developer Tucker.  Now Tucker wants the wood too and will stop at nothing to get it.

The official world premiere of Crow takes place at Frightfest on Sunday 28th August at the Vue Cinema, Shepherd’s Bush Green.

Tim Rhys teaches Creative Writing alongside fellow published writers in the University’s School of English, Communication and Philosophy at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.