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Testing time during A Levels

19 August 2016

The Glamorgan Building
The iconic Glamorgan Building, home to the School of Geography and Planning

Fabienne Zigrit has achieved an A* in geography, a B in physics and an A in the Welsh baccalaureate, and will join us at the School of Geography and Planning in September, despite having to take five months off with health problems.

Fabienne, 18, almost had to leave school when she was taken into hospital with kidney problems.  She spent three months in hospital last year, and was out of school for a further two months this year while she recovered from an operation in February.  Yet she has gone on to secure a place studying human geography at Cardiff University.

Professor Paul Milbourne, Head of School said: “I’m delighted to see Fabienne do so well in her exams and secure a place to study with us.  We all know how hard exam time can be, and Fabienne has shown just how determined she must be to get her place in University.  We at the School wish her all the best in her future studies.”

Fabienne will study human geography at Cardiff University.  The course provides students with the opportunity to study key social, cultural, political, economic, development and environmental components of geography at local, regional, national and global levels.