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Experience of language planning

16 August 2016

Taiwan Scene

A delegation from Taiwan aiming to promote and increase speakers of the Hakka language, has learnt more about the University’s work into reviving the Welsh language.

Visiting the School of Welsh, a group led by Yung-Te Lee, Minister of the Hakka Affairs Council in Taiwan, met with Professor Sioned Davies, Head of the School, and her colleagues to exchange experiences of language revival.

The council is the central authority in Taiwan responsible for Hakka affairs. Its mission is to preserve and promote the Hakka culture and to revitalize the Hakka language.

The School of Welsh is at the forefront of research into Welsh language planning, Welsh dialectology and Welsh language acquisition.  Its innovative work in the field of language planning has influenced Welsh Government policies and the work of the Welsh Commissioner.

Professor Davies said: “It was a pleasure to welcome the Taiwanese delegation to the School of Welsh and to discuss the challenges faced by the Hakka language and culture, many of which are all too familiar to us in Wales.

“Language planning and policy research at the School has already achieved considerable success, impacting legislative policy and cultural awareness.

“We look forward to developing our relationship with the Hakka Affairs Council further and to share our knowledge and experience while learning more about the unique position of Hakka in Taiwan.”