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GW4 Communication for Collaboration Research Event

9 September 2014

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The GW4 alliance comprises Cardiff, Bristol, Exeter and Bath

Healthcare Sciences' Jane Davies was chosen to be one of 15 researchers from Cardiff University to attend the GW4 Communication for Collaboration workshop.

The Communication for Collaboration workshop took place at Bristol University last week. The aim of the workshop was to bring together second year doctoral researchers from all four GW4 universities (Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter) and look at communication skills, tools and approaches to help participants get the most out of their collaborative activities

Places were limited to 15 researchers per institution, and applications were encouraged from all disciplines. 

Jane, whose research is focused on research autonomy, dependence and decision making in teenagers and young adults receiving cancer treatment, said;

"This event was an ideal opportunity to learn more about the GW4 collaboration and to take part in an event which enabled me to meet other early researchers, some of whom were involved in work which had similarities to my own study and interests. The 3 day workshop included a number of sessions which focused on making contacts, promoting your work using various digital platforms and thinking about how you could develop research collaborations in the future.

During the three days I was able to learn new skills on communicating research on line and how to effectively present research findings. I was also given the opportunity to link up with another early researcher with a view to developing a collaborative partnership. This was a valuable learning experience for me, which also enable me to take the first tentative steps in working with others in similar fields of research."

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