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Midwifery Students Awarded Iolanthe Trust Funding

23 April 2014

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Iolanthe Midwifery Trust

Congratulations to Healthcare Sciences undergraduate midwifery student Georgina Evans and PhD student Lowri Hansford, who have both won funding from the Iolanthe Midwifery Trust. The Trust awards funding annually 'for travel, study, research and the development of midwifery practice for the benefit of mothers and babies.' 

The funding will enable Georgina to undertake a midwifery placement in Tanzania as part of her BMid, and assist Lowri in her research on the experience of mothers with a baby in a neonatal intensive care unit.

"An Iolanthe award has the potential to be an immensely helpful springboard to facilitating real change in practice"

In April 2014, Professor Helen Cheyne, on behalf of the trustees of the Iolanthe Midwifery Trust (IMT), announced which midwives and students have gained awards from the charity to travel, study, research or otherwise develop midwifery practice for the benefit of mothers and babies. Helen said: "It is with great pleasure I'm able to say that this year we have increased the amount of funding for our annual awards by over £12,000." The Iolanthe Trust is dedicated to "the promotion and advancement of excellence in practice and research. We congratulate the hugely impressive work of the award winners, and thank all those who applied with exciting and commendable projects."

Midwives and students traveling to four continents of the world to learn and exchange experiences; practice development around breech birth, care for deaf couples and work with Polish women; research into birth trauma, induction of labour, fathers' experiences, breast-feeding after breast cancer, mothers with babies in intensive care, care for women using drugs and alcohol, and for those in prison: all these aspects of midwifery – and more – are being funded in 2014 by the charity run by midwives for midwives.

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