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UK’s largest Philosophy conference comes to Cardiff University

24 June 2016

The three-day conference will welcome renowned speakers from both the UK and internationally, offering expertise in a broad range of philosophical areas.

Now in its 90th year, proceedings at the event have historically formed one of Philosophy’s most significant periodicals, the Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume.

Dr Nicholas Shackel leads on the conference management for the School of English, Communication and Philosophy: “We are delighted to host the annual Aristotelian Society and Mind Association conference this year and especially honoured that our very own Professor Alessandra Tanesini has been invited to present a plenary address.”

Professor Tanesini will speak on the second day of the conference on the vice of intellectual arrogance and its effect of silencing other voices in her talk, entitled ‘"calm down dear": intellectual arrogance, silencing and ignorance.’

Over the three days plenary sessions will see speakers from such esteemed institutions as Kings College London, University of California, Northwestern University, New York University and Warwick University, discuss and debate topics including justice and social participation, the objectivity of moral claims, the importance of health in living well, the experience of oneself as an individual, the problems of imprecise concepts, and Plato’s conception of philosophy.

Dr Shackel continues: “In addition to the visitors joining us from outside of Cardiff University, we also have the chance to celebrate the excellent Philosophy work being done on a more local level. There will be four panels on themes of Cardiff philosopher’s work as well as a postgraduate session of eight speakers within the programme.”

The Aristotelian Society and Mind Association Joint Session, starting on Friday 8 July, is one of three philosophy conferences the School of English, Communication and Philosophy will host over summer.

Opening this run of events is the British Society for the Philosophy of Science conference on Thursday 7 July. For over 50 years this has been the central conference for the study of the logic, methods, and philosophy of the physical and social sciences. This year’s plenary speakers will address the place of intuition in scientific thought, the nature of illusions, the relation between evolution and rationality, and the role of expectation in learning.

Now in its 20th year the British Society for Ethical Theory conference will also take place in Cardiff in July. This year’s keynote speakers will address the nature of moral decision-making and the relationship between ethics and aesthetics at this two day conference.

Please visit the School of English, Communication and Philosophy website for more information on any of these events, including information on how to register.