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Food policy and practice awards

22 June 2016

Professor Roberta Sonnino has been invited to be part of a panel of 13 members (representing agencies of the United Nations, civil society, the academic and scientific community and the press) to judge the new Milan Food Pact Awards.

The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact is an international protocol for the development of food systems based on the principles of sustainability and social justice.

More than one hundred cities from all over the world have committed themselves to enhance their urban food systems.  In order to stimulate further developments in food policy across the signatories of Pact, the food awards have been established.

Speaking about her appointment to the panel Roberta said: “The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact engages a large number of world cities in the development of food systems, all based on the principles of sustainability and social justice.

“It’s exciting to see this award established which will push for more action on food policy and practice from learning and exchange between cities.  It’s a privilege to be asked to join the 2016 Awards Committee that will review and select best practice winners.”

The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Award will assign two monetary awards aimed at fostering technical assistance exchange in between cities and six memorial plaques for the best ranked practice in each of the six thematic categories of the Framework for Action of the Pact:

  • Governance or ensuring an enabling environment for effective action
  • Sustainable diets and nutrition
  • Social and economic equity
  • Food production including urban rural linkages
  • Food supply and distribution
  • Food waste prevention, reduction and management

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