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Building a space for Cardiff’s creative communities

20 June 2016

Cardiff pop-up hub

Cardiff’s creative community will come together to test an innovative open workspace designed to promote new ways of working.

Running from 20-24 June, the Creative Cardiff pop-up hub aims to create a space where creative practitioners and visionaries from all sectors of the creative economy can work together as a community to create new ideas and ways of interacting.

It is one of a number of projects overseen by Cardiff University’s Creative Economy team which champions the city’s creative economy and encourages people in the creative sector to work together to raise the city's ambitions.

Drawn from across the city region, participants in the pop-up hub – which is based at Wales Millenium Centre - will spend the majority of the time working on their own projects, but will have the chance to hear daily short talks from inspiring guest speakers, take part in creative workshops and group activities.

Sara Pepper, Director of the Creative Economy at Cardiff University, said: “Through the pop-up hub we want to encourage an environment in which people share, talk and support one another.

“The hub has been designed to cater for individual working but we hope that participants will share their ideas, knowledge, skills and time with others in the hub so that everyone benefits from the experience to form a supportive and connected community.

“Across the week we'll be carrying out research into people's need for a more permanent hub and we expect that participants will be able to contribute to this.”

The pop-up hub has been developed by Creative Cardiff in partnership with Wales Millennium Centre and Watershed and is supported by Cardiff University’s City Region Exchange project.

It runs from 20-24 June at the Preselli Rooms, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. It will be open from 8.30am until 5.30/6.00pm each day (3.30pm on Friday 24th).

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