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New Elected Officers

20 September 2013

Cardiff Students' Union makes NUS award shortlist

Elected Officers play a critical role in the Cardiff University community. Working full time at the Students' Union, the Officers make sure that student views are represented.

The seven officers have a broad remit, covering all aspects of student life. Their role is to listen to the views and opinions of students and work with the relevant people to ensure those views are acted upon.

Cari Davies was elected Students' Union President for 2013/14. As the President, Cari leads the Elected Officer team and the Union as a whole. She acts as the key link to the University Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor Student Experience and Academic Standards, Council and Senate, as well as the NUS and other key stakeholders.

Cari told Blas more about her priorities for the year ahead:

"My priorities are split into three key areas; University, Union and Community with a focus on improving the student experience for allstudents regardless of demographic, course, background etc.

"When it comes to looking at the University there are technological advances such as lecture capture, electronic timetabling and an online grade tracker that could greatly improve the learning experience of our students. I'd also like to see improvements made to the transport offer between halls of residence and the different areas of campus; one of my favourite suggestions so far has been a Boris Bike type scheme "Uni-Cycle!"

For the Union, my focus is on discovering exactly who engages with which of our services and using that data to make things more accessible for all users. It is also vitally important that we continue to develop the space we have in our building into a welcoming and user friendly environment. With help from the University we've already started this work with some fantastic results. The next project we're hoping to undertake will focus on the second floor, turning our night-club space into a multiuse venue and opening up the reception area.

Finally I want to work on making students a valued part of the Cardiff community. Rather than students being pitted against locals, it's important for us to ensure students realise they are residents themselves whilst studying in Cardiff. We need to be shouting about all the good our students do through their volunteering and fundraising efforts. I'd like to develop widening access links with local schools through our societies and sports clubs and formalise the Unions relationship with local councillors.

Along with Cari, the Elected Officers for 2013/2014 are:

Vice President Education – Ollie Wannell

Ollie 's role is to represent all the student body on academic issues. Ollie will work closely with the University to support and further enable them to act on student feedback. Ollie is the chair of the College forums and is responsible for overseeing and promoting the Student Academic Rep system.

Find Ollie on Twitter: @EducationCSU

Vice President Welfare – Helen Dent

Helen's job is to promote and improve services that look after students health and wellbeing. One of Helen's main focuses this year will be mental health and how we can improve the services on offer to students.

Find Helen on Twitter: @WelfareCSU

Vice President Societies and Campaigns – Elliot Howells

Elliot champions societies, campaigns and student-led activity within the Union, University and local community. He is responsible for allocating budgets to societies and is the key liaison for all the Union's Volunteering Officers supporting them in fulfilling their manifesto pledges.

Find Elliott on Twitter: @SocietiesCSU

Vice President Sports and Athletic Union President - Edore Evuarherhe

Ed champions sport within the University and local community. It's his role to represent students who play both competitive and participation sports to both the University and the Union. He is the key liaison Officer with the University Sport Department, as well as working with the student led sports clubs to assist them in their development.

Find Ed on Twitter: @AUPresidentCSU

Vice President Media and Marketing – Tom Eden

Tom is the editor of gair rhydd and oversees the running of Quench magazine, Xpress radio station and CUTV. As the Vice President of Media and Marketing, Tom will develop the ways that the Students' Union communicates with students and the wider world. He will also develop the range and quality of opportunities for all students with an interest in student media.

Find Tom on Twitter: @MediaCSU

Vice President Heath Park Campus – Gemma Wheeler

Gemma works to improve the University experience of healthcare students through enhancing their facilities and access to services. Her aims for the year include promotion of the Union and their services to Heath students and making them accessible to students on healthcare related courses.

Find Gemma on Twitter: @HeathParkCSU

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