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German lecturer awarded publishing contract for analysis of German literature

14 June 2016

Marc Schweissinger

German lecturer, Marc Schweissinger has recently secured a publishing contract with Peter Lang Publishers to write a new book as part of their series German life and civilisation.

Schweissinger’s book, written in German, discusses a theoretical approach towards two plays which were written by the author and Nobel Prize winner for literature Gerhart Hauptmann.

Schweissinger’s research began after spending time in the archives of the Prussian State library which is home to millions of books. Hauptmann’s literary remains are kept there as well as his huge library. More than 9000 books owned by the writer can be studied in the manuscript reading room many annotated in the margins by Hauptmann.

While there, Schweissinger discovered that two plays, Dorothea Angermann and Vor Sonnenuntergang have a resemblance to ‘bürgerliches trauerspiel’ or the  ‘bourgeois tragedy’ of the 18th and 19th centuries. This made the plays very different to Hauptmann’s other work and the classical tragedy narrative of the time which led Schweissinger to analyse further.

Schweissinger has written a number of books and essays on German literature and language in both English and German and lectures on these topics within the School.

The German life and civilisation series provides contributions to a critical understanding of Central European cultural history from medieval times to the present covering areas as literature, music, pictorial arts, and intellectual trends as well as political and socio-historical developments and the texture of everyday life.

Of his publishing contract and book Schweissinger said, “I am very grateful that I can publish this book as I have wished to look into this topic for a very long time. I think this book will contribute to the field of modern German literature, theory and drama and I look forward to its publication later this year in July.”

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