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Researcher to receive Adrian Normanton Medal

29 March 2016

Mining plant

School of Engineering research associate Julian Steer has been recognised by the Council of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining for his contribution to the field.

He is to be awarded the 2016 Adrian Normanton Medal, and accolade given annually to the author of the “best technical paper on the topic of steelmaking or casting” to be published in the Institution’s ‘Ironmaking and Steelmaking’ journal.

Julian was the lead author on a paper entitled “Characterisation of BOS steelmaking dust and techniques for reducing zinc contamination”, which seeks to provide solutions for the recovery of iron bearing dusts produced during basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS).

The Institute, founded in 2002, exists to further the development of material sciences and its associated technologies, will give Julian the award at the annual Sir Henry Bessemer lecture and dinner in south Wales this autumn.

Sir Henry Bessemer was a nineteenth century British inventor who developed the eponymous Bessemer process, which came to be the predominant mode of steel production during his lifetime.

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