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Cardiff University PhD student appointed as member of first-ever environmental college of experts

3 June 2024

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A Cardiff University PhD student has been appointed as a member of the Office of Environmental Protection (OEP).

The role was awarded to Martyn Evans after the UK government advertised for voluntary members to join its first-ever college of experts in summer 2023.

Over 1,000 applications were received for 58 roles as the new college sought to bring together a range of environmental expertise for areas of current or future interest.

Martyn said:

I'm extremely honoured to have been appointed to the OEP's College of Experts. It's brilliant that the OEP has recognised my area of specialism - environmental crime and green criminology more broadly - as an important part of their thinking in the coming years. This wouldn't have been possible without the support of Cardiff University and SOCSI. I really hope this role helps to drive my passion of promoting good environmental behaviours and creating a legacy of stewardship that will inspire others.

He continued, “I’m keen to share my expertise to support and enhance environmental protection. I applied based on my postdoctoral research on environmental crime, waste management and enforcement. Upon being appointed, I was told that the area of my PhD on waste crime and lecturing role on green criminology was central to me being part of what they’re trying to achieve.”

Martyn will undertake his new role for three years, joining specialists in a wide range of environmental fields, from academia, non-governmental organisations and third-sector bodies.

Regulators, industry representatives and law and enforcement organisations will also make up the college of experts.

Over the last 5 years, Martyn has developed his work on waste crime, bringing his expertise with guest lectures at Cardiff University and Swansea University, specialising in green criminology and social harms coupled with crime and justice research.

He also holds 18 years of extensive experience working across a range of environmental policy, regulation and enforcement matters for the principal environmental agencies of both England and Wales.

He concluded, “I think the College of Experts role offers a unique opportunity to advocate and scrutinise green policies, create even more awareness of environmental regulations, showing the power that research and innovation can have on our environment, and working across multiple sectors and countries to create a unified approach to tackling environmental issues.”

“I'm really driven be making a positive impact on the environment and on helping to make it better for present and future generations.”

Find out more about Office of Environmental Protection (OEP) and criminology at the School of Social Sciences.

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