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Net zero conference inspires next generation of engineers

26 April 2024

Engineering Net Zero MSc students (L-R) Cameron Carter, Louis Ringrose, James Middleton, Alec Hammond and Harry Lovell at the Early Career Researchers Net Zero Conference.

Students on our Engineering Net Zero MSc recently learnt about key research in the field at an Early Career Researchers Net Zero Conference in Birmingham.

The conference covered a range of topics spanning from engineering to the economic and social aspects of achieving net zero.

I found the conference to be very beneficial in both an academic sense as well as for my personal professional growth.  The conference highlighted a wide range of key issues that was either commonly known within the industry but also topics that have not really been highlighted but will play a major role in our move to a net zero future.
Alec Hammond, Engineering Net Zero MSc student

Our Engineering Net Zero MSc is a pioneering programme, providing students with the science-based knowledge and skills to deliver impactful decarbonisation solutions.

Our students learn first-hand from practitioners, policymakers and industry experts about the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to net zero. This conference was an opportunity for our students to hear from a range of experts from different sectors working on net zero, and exchange knowledge and ideas with other early career researchers.

I did enjoy the conference, meeting other early career researchers was interesting, especially hearing about their specific areas as we learned about most of their topics in a broader sense during our course. It allowed me to understand their research and the impact it has on industry/environment. 
James Middleton, Engineering Net Zero MSc student

The conference took place on 27-28 February 2024 and was organised by a number of key organisations working in net zero including C-DICE, CO2RE, EDI+, EDRC, ERA, IDRIC, IGNITE+, HI-ACT, Supergen Bioenergy Hub, SUSTAIN, UKERC and UK-HyRES. Our academic staff at the School of Engineering are key partners in UKERC, EDRC, and HI-ACT.

Learn more about Engineering Net Zero MSc.

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