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Bringing business to life for local school pupils

8 January 2024

Children from a local primary school visited Cardiff Business School to take part in a ‘Day in the Life of a Business Person’ event, bringing business to life in a fun and interactive way.

The event took place as part of Cardiff Council’s Passport to the City programme, with Cardiff University participating as a partner. The programme ensures young people from all backgrounds can enjoy the world-class amenities Cardiff has to offer.

During the visit, Cardiff Business School academics delivered 3 sessions to the children, aligning the themes with the primary school's current focus on the Enterprise aspect of the curriculum. 50 pupils from year 6 at Windsor Clive Primary School in Ely, Cardiff, took part.

For the first activity, pupils used the business school’s trading room and stock market facility. Led by Professor Qingwei Wang, The Welsh Dragon Trading Competition involved pupils pairing up and becoming investment and media analysts in a trading simulation game. They made investment decisions and the team with the most profits at the end of the game won.

Pupils in the trading room

Professor Qingwei Wang said: “We aimed to introduce the pupils to the world of finance in a fun and engaging manner. These stock trading games allowed them to develop an interest in finance and skills in financial decision-making. They demonstrated impressive financial instincts and the ability to make strategic choices. I am deeply impressed by the pupil’s financial talents, even at their young age.”

In another activity, students assumed the role of supply chain managers for crisps. Dr Nadine Leder guided them through the crisps supply chain, and students used LEGO to explore the challenges that would arise as supply chain managers.

Dr Katherine Parsons also led a session for the students on branding, during which they discussed the logos and brand values associated with prominent household brands.

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