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History and Archives in Practice partners with Cardiff University

13 November 2023

High-profile national collaboration between researchers, archives and communities makes unique Welsh connection

A new partnership of The National Archives, Royal Historical Society, and the Institute of Historical Research, History and Archives in Practice (HAP) is to bring together historians and archivists at the Welsh capital to consider shared interests in archive collections, their interpretation and use.

Following a successful inaugural event last year, HAP ventures across the UK to partner with archives and institutions – and archivists and researchers alike - to draw on wider UK collections and share more emerging research.

In 2024 looks to the future to discuss the impact of legacies past, present, and future, hosted in a partnership with Cardiff University and inspired by its treasured special collections and renowned expertise in history with Historical Legacies: collecting history, historical collections and community voices.

Inspired by the collections and research of each host venue, the new partnership promises to showcase innovative research from across Wales at its second outing, with HAP24 welcoming proposals from historians, archivists, and heritage organisations alike, with particular emphasis on highlighting underrepresented collections, marginalised voices, and smaller organisations.

The aims of the partnership enhance the aims of Cardiff University’s Special Collections and Archives set up in 2005 to unlock the social, research and teaching potential of its impressive collection of unique and distinctive resources for everyone, for free.

“The event provides opportunities to reflect on the durability of legacies (historical, physical, digital), the democratisation of history, and our collective responsibility in working with communities to ensure that our collections and our practices are rooted in co-creation and collaboration”, said Mollie Clarke, Academic Engagement Manager at The National Archives.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Cardiff University and look forward to hearing more about the breadth of exciting collections and innovative research that is being undertaken across the institution and Wales itself.”

HAP24 Historical Legacies: collecting history, historical collections and community voices takes place at Cardiff University on 6 March 2024.

History and Archives in Practice opened by exploring Collecting Communities: working together and with collections at the Institute of Historical Research in 2023.

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