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New Public Value Engagement Fellows

15 August 2023

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Public Value Engagement Fellowships have been awarded to 11 staff members at Cardiff Business School.

The fellowships encourage and assist staff to bring their skills, knowledge, and expertise to engage with issues of concern in society.

Staff are given the title of Public Value Engagement Fellow and are supported by the provision of a workload allowance and a modest expenses budget.

The issues or themes included in the new fellowships show the diversity of initiatives under the umbrella of public value. Fellowships have been awarded to academic and professional services staff. They include early career and senior academic staff across the five sections of the business school.

Professor Peter Wells, Pro Dean for Public Value said:

“The Public Value Engagement Fellowships are a tangible demonstration of our deepening commitment to using the diverse talents available within Cardiff Business School to help address pressing social issues, by working closely with communities to co-create solutions.”
Professor Peter Wells Professor of Business and Sustainability, Director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research, Pro Dean Public Value

New Public Value Engagement Fellows and the titles of their fellowships are:

Professor Jane Lynch and Dr Laura Purvis

Optimising Welsh community-led food systems

Dr Maryam Lofti and Professor Yingli Wang

Netting ethical shrimp: how technology can revolutionise sustainable seafood practices

Professor Luigi De Luca

Improving the quality of life of disabled children and their families

Dr Qian Li

Public value engagement on Net Zero neighbourhoods in south Wales

Helen Whitfield

Marigold chain

Professor Debbie Foster

Decent and sustainable employment for disabled people in Wales: a feasibility study

Dr Hussein Halabi

Empowering refugees and asylum seekers through financial literacy

Professor Sarah Hurlow

Public value via a package of online self-paced very short courses

Dr Simon Jang

Social care analytics: improving service quality and ethnic inequalities in social care

Genevieve Shanahan

Democratic technology for cooperatives

Professor Melanie Jones

Promoting women in economics in Wales

Fellowships will run from September 2023 to July 2024.

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