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WGC Research Conference proves a hit with academics

3 July 2023

Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre held its inaugural annual research conference at the Secret Garden in Cardiff’s Bute Park.

On June 9th colleagues and collaborative researchers from outside of the centre gathered to enjoy fifteen presentations, with papers spanning the centre’s diverse research themes and areas of interests of interest. Specific topics included, but were by no means limited to; gender quotas in the Senedd reform process, the accretion of devolved taxation powers, the law of the sea and Arctic policy, social care reform, paradiplomacy and Wales’ international links, feminism in civil society, and the history of Welsh nationalism.

The purpose of the conference was to further develop individual research projects by sharing peer feedback on presentations, and also to maintain the centre’s thriving research culture and team ethos. Further academic events, seminars and conferences are set to follow in the coming academic year.

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