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‘It’s the creative economy, stupid!’ – Executive Education Breakfast Briefing hears from Creative Cardiff

13 October 2015

Cardiff Business School’s Executive Education team hosted its fourth Breakfast Briefing on Thursday 8 October which was led by representatives from the Creative Cardiff project.

Professor Ian Hargreaves, Chair of the Digital Economy and Sara Pepper, Director of Creative Economy, introduced the project to the assembled guests, providing the rationale behind its establishment and articulating its aims and ambitions.

The UK Creative Economy accounts for 2.5million jobs. This equates to 1.4million in the creative industries and 1.1million creative roles working in other industries. This is a significant workforce and one that exists in multiple industries with creatives at work across business, management and financial services sectors.

Connecting these creatives with each other, with business and with other stakeholders enables greater collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing. Part of the work Creative Cardiff is involved in is building the Creative Cardiff Network.

The Creative Cardiff network - the first of its kind in Wales - has been developed in collaboration with BBC Wales, Wales Millennium Centre and the City of Cardiff Council as part of a drive to develop stronger links across the city’s creative economy.

The new network will connect people working in the city’s creative organisations and initiatives, encouraging greater innovation and amplifying the creative activity already taking place.

The Q&A which followed the presentation demonstrated the backing for the overarching project and the work underway. Questions touched on the need for greater support for creative businesses from funders and investors which recognises and values their different business models. Equally, there was a focus the need to champion opportunities for creatives in the local economy and prevent an exodus of talent to larger hubs such as London.

The Creative Cardiff project is working with others to make Cardiff a capital of creativity. It is supporting the city's creative economy and encouraging people to work together to raise the city's ambitions.

For further information please contact the Creative Cardiff team:


Meet the Creative Cardiff team.

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