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New research network explores antifascism and the far right

7 March 2023

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A new research network is bringing together experts working on theoretical and empirical, historical and topical aspects of the far right and its activities in physical and digital spaces.

Cardiff Interdisciplinary Research on Antifascism and the Far Right (CIRAF) also studies and aims to generate meaningful evidence and an understanding of those who challenge the far right in diverse ways.

The network spans six schools in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, ranging from doctoral students to professors, and nurtures projects and collaborations across and beyond Cardiff University.

Members conduct research in subjects including history, linguistics, literary studies, media studies, human geography, political science, urban studies and philosophy.

Dr Anthony Ince, co-founder of CIRAF, said “the last decade has seen a resurgence and mainstreaming of the far right across many different geographical contexts and frontiers of politics and culture.

“When we realised that Cardiff University has pockets of significant expertise on the subject, it was clear that working together across disciplines and specialisms would help to strengthen our ability to make sense of the current political moment, as well as learn from the past.”

The team will be organising a number of activities to expand the network and pave the way for future interdisciplinary research. The next event, on Tuesday 14 March, will be a public seminar exploring the phenomenon of ecofascism. You can register online.

Contact the centre or visit the website to find out more about its work and discuss potential collaborations.

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