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Cardiff University commissioned to provide comprehensive genomics education for NHS Wales workforce

30 January 2023


NHS Wales have announced a commitment to funding continuing professional development opportunities in genomic medicine for staff.

As part of a drive to improve knowledge of genomics and its application to the diagnosis and treatment of disease, Cardiff University  has won the contract to deliver six inclusive and accessible educational modules on the topic.

These stand alone modules , which will be credit-bearing CPD opportunities, are part of a wider mission to embed genetics and genomics in medical education and to upskill the current and future healthcare workforce in Wales. The contract was awarded upon a successful bid as part of a tender process open to any Higher Education Institutions. Funding will be available for NHS Wales staff to access at up to two modules from the suite available.

Genomic medicine transforming health care delivery

Genomic medicine uses an individual's genomic information as part of their clinical care. Since the first human genome sequence was completed in 2003, genomic medicine has started to revolutionise the fields of oncology, pharmacology, and rare, undiagnosed, mental health and infectious diseases. Research continues at a rapid pace to develop our understanding of the relationship between our genes and our health.

Among non-specialist healthcare professionals, knowledge of genomics and its applications is limited. Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW), working with Genomics Partnership Wales (GPW), seek to address the knowledge gap by ensuring that appropriate education opportunities in genomic medicine are available to NHS Wales staff.

On successfully winning the tender to deliver the modules, Professor James Walters, Director of Cardiff University’s Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics, said:

“If we are to realise the promise of genomics to benefit patients then we need an NHS workforce that is knowledgeable and trained in genomics and its application in healthcare settings. I am delighted that NHS Wales and HEIW are investing in this training and that it will be designed and delivered by Cardiff University’s world-leading genetic researchers and educators.”

The 20 credit modules available are:

  1. Genomics of common and rare inherited diseases
  2. Application of genomics in infectious disease
  3. Omics techniques and technologies and their application to genomic medicine
  4. Molecular pathology of cancer and application in cancer diagnosis, treatment and monitoring
  5. Introduction to the counselling skills used in genomic medicine
  6. Bioinformatics, interpretation and data quality assurance in genomic analysis

The School of Medicine will work in partnership with the All Wales Medical Genomics Service (AWMGS), the Wales Gene Park (WGP) and NHS Wales to deliver the modules.

Enrolment will commence on the 1 February 2023.

For further information and to apply, contact us at

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