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Languages for All

18 January 2023

The Languages for All programme offers all undergraduate and postgraduate degree students the chance to gain key language and cultural skills for free during their time at Cardiff University.

The programme is designed to fit around studies and provides a flexible choice of timetable options including weekly courses, crash courses and autonomous learning.

Chilean born Javier Cortés Ortuño, a PhD student at the School of Modern Languages, has recently completed French Higher Intermediate, his fifth course as part of the Languages for All programme, an opportunity he has reported to be invaluable during his time at university.

Having previously completed a year of French in primary school, Javier found that further language studies in his home country were limited and, once in Cardiff, he jumped at the chance to join the programme as a fun and flexible distraction from his research.

His new found skills have opened his mind to a myriad of different mediums through the language including an introduction to French literature, papers, film, music and podcasts.

Javier said: “If you are considering learning a language I would urge you to try Languages for All. It will give you a great introduction to the language, and even if you want to learn the language on your own, you can do both.”

“Languages for All offer a range of languages and levels to suit students’ needs, giving you autonomy over your progression. It was great to have regular classes and the structure ensured I remained disciplined.”

Weekly and intensive courses are currently available in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The next round of week-long crash courses will run 23-27 January 2023 and applications are currently open via the SIMS portal. More information can be found via the Student Intranet or by emailing

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