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Emeritus Professor delivers keynote address at international conferences

9 January 2023

Emeritus Professor Roger Falconer of the School of Engineering has delivered keynote presentations at international conferences in Korea and Malaysia.

Roger Falconer, previously Professor of Water Management (1997-2018), recently gave a keynote presentation on research from Cardiff University at the 2nd International Estuary Symposium on Restoration of Sustainable Estuaries in Harmony between Humans and Nature, organised by K-Water and held in Busan, Korea in October 2022.

He also shared research from the University at the first International Conference on Water and Environment for Sustainability, organised by the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus, and held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in December 2022.

At the conference in Korea, Roger spoke about his work with Prof. Reza Ahmadian in the Hydro-environmental Research Centre (HRC) on ‘Sustainable Planning of River and Coastal Basins for Improved Water Quality and Tidal Energy Generation’. His presentation was given in the opening ceremony, following a talk given by the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Joanne Doomeward. Roger outlined his collaborative work with Prof. Ahmadian and his team on global water stress and security, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, destratification management, hydro-epidemiological process modelling, faecal bacteria modelling, and tidal energy generation.

After the conference, Roger visited the Sihwa Tidal Power Plant project, which is the largest tidal energy scheme worldwide and relates to research currently being undertaken within the HRC, now led by Prof. Ahmadian.

At the conference in Kuala Lumpur, Roger virtually presented his work on flooding undertaken with Prof. Ahmadian and Prof. Junqiang Xia of Wuhan University, China. He outlined their state-of-the-art research developments on modelling extreme flood events, followed by continuing research developments on the stability of people and vehicles during floods. These research developments are now included in several widely used flood hazard assessment modelling tools, with the work currently being extended to optimise flood evacuation paths.

This collaborative research study was funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering Newton Advanced Fellowships Fund and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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