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Graduate Jack Le Bon flies to Berlin to showcase his final year project at international oncology conference

28 October 2022

This year's award-winning graduate Jack Le Bon is in Berlin this week to showcase his final year project at the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO).

In his final year here Jack developed a cloud-based web application designed to reduce delay in ovarian cancer treatment by reducing the admin load of clinicians. The work has been embraced by the NHS and was praised by the Consultants at the University Hospital for Wales, both for its security and functionality (for example by sending out patient feedback forms and analysing results) and ability to automatically notify clinical teams when crucial time points on the pathway were reached - all saving valuable time for medical teams so they can focus on the things that matter most. It was, those teams suggested, potentially life changing.

"I had no idea my degree in Computer Science would bring me here," says Jack who was president of CyberSoc at the School and won the Best Overall Student award this year.

“The lecturers were brilliant, both during my study and in helping me secure a year in industry which built my experience in automation,” says Jack.

It was, he explains, during his final year that he was approached by the university to help with a project automating administrative and time-consuming tasks faced by doctors.

"As a result of that work this tool became my final year project and involved working alongside and consulting with the NHS. The feedback I got for my prototype was amazing and they encouraged me to apply to talk about it at international conferences like this one. I want to continue work on this prototype, but I am so excited to be here, and able to see others' work and share my own.”

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