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New book deepens Welsh independence debate

15 September 2022

Will Hayward's Independent Nation book cover

Research from Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre is highlighted extensively in a new book by one of Wales’ leading journalists.

Will Hayward’s Independent Nation: Should Wales leave the UK? (Biteback) is the first major neutral treatment of the idea of Welsh independence, a political cause that has shaken the foundations of Welsh politics in recent years.

The book assess the complex questions of national identity and the constitutional status of Wales, but also delves into the detailed questions of currency, economics and borders.

While a range of academics from Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre were interviewed along with many others from Welsh public life to inform the book, the centre’s Wales’ Fiscal Future report plays a particularly significant role.

Will Hayward commented:

“The Wales Governance Centre was instrumental to my research for my book Independent Nation: Should Wales leave the UK, particularly the report Wales' Fiscal Future.

"It wasn't just an insightful and in depth analysis, it was written in an accessible way.

"The academics at the WGC spoke with not just knowledge but also with passion for their subject. Guto Ifan in particular fused academic rigor with a personal touch that gets the impact on people behind the numbers.

"Wales' Fiscal Future and the wider WGC are a real asset of expertise for myself as a journalist and author."

The Wales Fiscal Analysis team is currently working on a future update to the research contained in the 2019 report, which it is hoped will further develop the understanding of what type of financial situation an independent Wales might inherit from its membership of the UK.

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