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The challenges of global water security

31 August 2022

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences has developed a free online course covering the Challenge of Global Water Security, and it's open to join now.

As the need to understand, protect and manage freshwater resources intensifies, a fresh perspective on water security is required. On this course, students have an introduction to the challenges of water security and discover why human activity and environmental issues are putting increasing pressure on our water resources.

Watch our video about the online course

The Challenge of Global Water Security has attracted over 3,000 learners worldwide since its initial launch in 2019. In a refreshed version launched on the 25th of April 2022, experts bring together a variety of perspectives on water security, including physical, biological, and social facets connecting to water security on local and global scales and what can be done to achieve water security for all.

The course provides a sample of some of the topics and teaching that can be experienced in our master's degree programme, Water in a Changing World (MSc).

New this year is content produced by PhD researchers at the forefront of research in freshwater bioscience and sustainability from the GW4 NERC FRESH Centre for Doctoral Training and the EPSRC Sustainable Plastics Doctoral Training Hub. New features include timely sections on microplastics, climate change drivers and their effect on water security, lessons from COP and other movements for change, as well as a closer look at freshwater ecosystems and nature-based solutions.

Over the four weeks, the short course introduces learners to the complexity of this challenge in a supported, social learning environment via FutureLearn. Through a range of short videos, case studies and interactive discussions, learners will consider how water security is being approached by grassroots movements; international organisations; and collaborations between researchers, policymakers, and resource managers in an increasingly interconnected world.

The aim of the course is to provide an interdisciplinary view of water security aimed at water research professionals, students studying science, and anyone interested in global water security.

Register today to grow your own knowledge about global water security.

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