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Cardiff University medical student selected for prestigious scholarship

16 August 2022

A medical student from Cardiff Universityhas been selected for a prestigious scholarship set up to develop and nurture healthcare leaders of the future.

Chantal Corbin, a fourth-year medical student and Academic Chair of the University’s Medical Society, will join the Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) Scholar’s programme for the 2022/23 academic year.

The international student from Barbados said she felt “blessed” to be chosen following a rigorous selection process.

“I’m eager to develop my understanding of what it means to be a leader in the context of a future healthcare professional, while being surrounded by a diverse group of individuals who challenge and encourage each other to fulfil their potential,” said Chantal.

In her role as Academic Chair, Chantal oversees a committee of course representatives who advocate for change on behalf of the larger student body. In keeping with her interests in pre-hospital medicine and immediate care, she sits as physical learning co-lead on the Students Save Lives committee, a trailblazing initiative aimed at equipping university students with CPR skills.

Founded in 2016, the HLA scholarship recognises healthcare students and professionals with proven leadership ability and gives them the opportunity to take their leadership skills to the next level. As part of their role, they will develop a community project during the one-year programme.

Johann Malawana, Director of the HLA, said: After a rigorous and competitive application process, we are delighted to welcome Chantal Corbin to our 2022-2023 HLA cohort.

“The pandemic has reinforced the need for leaders who inspire, listen and care. At a time of great global challenge, it is important that the next generation of healthcare leaders are motivated, inspired, and prepared in order to best look after the populations they serve.”