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Three brothers to graduate together at the Principality Stadium

22 July 2022

Three brothers who studied at Cardiff University are due to celebrate their graduations together.

Lewis Hammond, 24, got a 1st in Business Economics, with a year in industry, finishing his course in 2020. His brother Matthew, 23, started a year later and gained a 2:1 in Business Management, meaning they both completed their degrees in the same year.

Youngest brother Tom, 21, has now gained a 2:1 degree in Business Management, finishing this year.

The in-person graduation ceremonies being held this week at the Principality Stadium – for those who graduated in the past three years, mean that the boys will get to graduate together, all with degrees from Cardiff Business School.

Lewis, Tom, Matthew

Mum Sue said: “It’s going to be quite something. They’re graduating at the same time, having been to the same business school. It’s something we’d never have thought would happen.

“It’s weird to think that thanks to Covid, we get this unique experience.

“It’s going to be amazing to have three of them there. I can’t wait to have a photo of the three of them with their caps and gowns.”

The three boys were at home together studying during the first lockdown, with the older two studying their final exams.

“It was a mad time,” said Sue, who lives in Herefordshire with her husband David. “We had dedicated quiet rooms and stuck signs around the house saying, ‘quiet, exam in progress’. They were all in it together.”

Matt, Tom, Lewis

Lewis is now working at accountancy firm KPMG in London, with Matthew working in management for Amazon. Now that he’s finished, Tom plans to go travelling.

“It’s going to be lovely to be back together in Cardiff,” said Sue. “The boys have always been very close. Matthew went to visit Lewis when he first went to Cardiff and that probably helped his decision about studying there. Tom went on to study the same course as Matthew.

Lewis, Tom, Matt

“They do have competitive natures and have egged each other on during their studies. They’ve been the same all through school.

“We are super proud of them.”