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WSA Student Show 2022 launches on 24 June

13 June 2022

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The WSA Student Show 2022 will launch a physical exhibition on 24 June, complimented with a Digital Festival between 20-24 June.

This year our student-led exhibition will take a step back from the 'final images' of architectural design in order to bring you closer to the variety of design processes and interim outputs that inform our students' final proposals. Together, we want to give you the opportunity to explore, interrogate, and learn how quick initial sketches become elaborate illustrations, how traced drawings become rendered 3D models, and how tectonic inspirations become constructional details.

The Digital Festival between the 20-24 June will celebrate design processes. Researchers, architects, technical experts, and designers will share their diverse processes in a number of online events around the topics of computational design and representing design through visual digital media, discussing spatial outcomes, focusing on community centred, sustainable and inclusive design and the architecture industry and social issues.

Everybody is welcome to take part in our Bute Building Exhibition in Cardiff and related Digital Festival, so please do join us to have an enriching and memorable experience of the incredible diversity of the architectural process.

Please register on Eventbrite to attend the exhibition opening on 24 June.

For further details and to register to attend the Digital Festival please visit the WSA on Display website.

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