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Dr Tania Sharmin awarded the prestigious Fung Global Fellowship 2022-23 at Princeton University

6 May 2022

Tania Sharmin
Tania Sharmin

Since completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge, Dr Tania Sharmin has established herself as a leading researcher in environmental performance of urban spaces and human thermal comfort.

As a recognition of her research excellence, Dr Sharmin has been awarded the Fung Global Fellowship 2022-23 at Princeton University. This year, the programme has invited five exceptional scholars from around the world to join the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies as the tenth cohort of Fung Global Fellows to begin a year of research, writing and collaboration around a common theme: Sustainable Futures. Founded in the 2013-14 academic year, the Fung Global Fellows Program is a part of Princeton University’s commitment to foster research engagement with scholars from around the world for creating international scholarly communities.

Dr Sharmin is a lecturer (US: Assistant Professor) in Sustainable Environmental Design in Architecture at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University. Dr Sharmin completed her PhD at University of Cambridge as a fellow of Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future award. Her PhD investigated the impact of urban form and microclimate on outdoor thermal comfort and building energy performance for the tropical climate of Dhaka.

During her fellowship year at Princeton, Dr Sharmin will conduct research in the interdisciplinary field of microclimate, comfort, and heat health for tackling urban warming and sustaining health in urban spaces of megacities using advanced remote sensing and machine learning techniques. Fellowships for the Early Career scholars are for the entire academic year, from September 2022 to June 2023, during which Dr Sharmin will be based in Princeton University. She will resume her permanent position at Cardiff University in July 2023. Research excellence being the key component of the University’s strategic plan, the Welsh School of Architecture and Cardiff University recognises Dr Sharmin’s contribution to this important area of research and whole-heartedly supports her research journey.

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