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Creating a National Care Service in Wales

1 April 2022

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Abyd Quinn Aziz, Director of the MA in Social Work, has been appointed to the Welsh Government’s expert panel on health and social care.

The panel has been established to provide recommendations on practical steps which can be taken towards the creation of a National Care Service, where care is free at the point of need.

The panel includes individuals with experience in running social care services, local government, finance and economics, academics and service users.

Objectives of the panel include undertaking a rapid review of current evidence about paying for and funding social care, and considering the optimal route towards social care becoming free at the point of need.

The expert group is due to provide its recommendations by the end of April, following which an Implementation plan will be developed by the end of 2023.

A Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Abyd has over 25 years’ experience in Social Care in a variety of settings before working at the university and he is chairing the Social Care Delivery and Systems subgroup of the panel.

A historic step forward

On his appointment to the panel, Abyd said “For me, health and social care must work together in an integrated manner as these are so interrelated.  Encouraging work in partnership, co-production and reducing the many barriers between the two are key, as is the notion of providing good quality services accessible to all who need.”

Deputy Minister for Social Services Julie Morgan said: “Social care is important to all of us, many of our family and friends rely on it and many of us will come into contact with social care at some points in our lives. This new panel will look at the issues facing the sector and examine how we move towards establishing a National Care Service for Wales.”

Designated Member Cefin Campbell MS said: “Creating a new National Care Service, which is free at the point of need, will be a historic step forward in caring for some of the most vulnerable in our society. Our care system and those who work in it do so much to look after our loved ones. It is a system that faces many challenges and will need to change and adapt in the coming years.

“It is so heartening that we are coming together, in a Welsh co-operative spirit, to make a difference to lives of people and communities right across the nation, and putting the most vulnerable first. This expert panel will bring their expertise, knowledge and experience as we together take our first step towards a new National Care Service for Wales.”

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