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Are you ok?

1 February 2022

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‘Are you ok?’ was the subject of a recent Breakfast Briefing hosted by former Wales international footballer, Neville Southall.

Neville is an advocate for the provision of mental health services in Wales and beyond, writing and presenting extensively on the matter. During the session, Professor Carolyn Strong joined Neville in conversation on his approach to mental health, and the similarities between running a football team and a business.

Throughout the session, they discussed topics including building relationships in organisations, how to encourage people to ask for help and what can be done in schools to support children.

Professor Strong opened the session, introducing Neville’s belief in ‘never worry too much about tomorrow and never plan anything in detail.’ She continued: “we’re here today to talk about the most important aspect of running a good business: the people that work in that business.”

Neville began with addressing the problems in the ways organisations and businesses approach the issue of mental health: “Mental health comes down to the relationship you have with people. It comes down to knowing that person, knowing when they say they’re ‘ok’, what that ‘ok’ actually means.”

We seem to have a real problem in this country with saying that we’re struggling. We seem to have a real problem saying we need help.

Neville Southall

During the session, Neville advocated for greater mental health support training in organisations and working closely with mental health charities. He also spoke about the importance of giving support to those in senior positions and ensuring that staff are trained in coping strategies for handling stress.

Topics of conversation also included male mental health, the pressures of working from home, and coping strategies.

Watch the full recording of the event.

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