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Dance inspired by laser microscopy goes on tour

4 February 2022

Jack Philp Dance OPTO NANO
Image credit: Kirsten McTernan

OPTO NANO is a vivid and energetic journey through the pioneering cell imaging research of Prof Paola Borri

A meeting at amateur dance classes was the catalyst for a new contemporary science-dance production, taking to the stage in March.

Choreographer Jack Philp went on to shadow Prof Borri in her lab, learning about her work building unique new microscopes and using lasers to analyse biological systems.

While a laboratory environment may not seem like a natural starting point for the physicality of dance, the use of vibration, movement, light and matter at the nano scale struck a chord with Mr Philp.

He said: “To capture some of Prof Borri's research in a creative sense has been a privilege. OPTO NANO is a physical expression of the methodologies, dynamic characteristics of the research and equipment itself. In many ways the language from the lab, and from this research area, was incredibly kinaesthetic; it has movement at its core. We are simply lifting that into an artistic space and I am excited for people to meet those ideas in a new way because of this creation.”

Prof Borri said: “I am a strong believer in the value that creative thinking offers to science and have been thrilled to be involved in this project. By creating a work that goes beyond entertainment, Jack has taken the complex concepts of my research at the physics-life sciences interface and opened them up to a brand-new audience that we would not normally be able to reach.”

The piece features an electronic score by Wales-based composer R. Seiliog and is supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

OPTO NANO trailer

Tickets are now available:

03.03.22 - SWANSEA // ABERTAWE

19.03.22 - CARDIFF // CAERDYDD
Dance House / Ty Dawns

07.04.22 - BANGOR

30.04.22 - CARDIFF // CAERDYDD
*immersive digital exhibition

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