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Online Chinese New Year Festival for schoolchildren

19 January 2022

Chinese New Year 2022 - The Year of the Tiger

2022 sees in the Year of the Tiger, and the team at Cardiff Confucius Institute warmly invite pupils to join our virtual celebrations.

Chinese New Year’s Day: 1 February 2022

On Tuesday 1 February, schoolchildren can enjoy the lunar new year with our tutors via live interactive online and recorded sessions. These will be shown throughout the day, and teachers can sign up for all or some of them. We will then email links for the sessions you have expressed interest in so that you can stream them to your pupils on the day.

Please note that children will have the opportunity to communicate with the Chinese tutors leading the live sessions using the Chat option. Details on how to do this will be emailed to the class teacher, along with the links, in the week leading up to Chinese New Year.

The sessions on 1 February can only be accessed by teachers to use in class with their pupils, so please use your school email address when signing up. If your child is home-schooled, contact our Wales China Schools Project Officer to discuss. If you are an individual wishing to access these sessions, please read the section on Chinese New Year Week.

Sign up for live and recorded sessions

Our online Chinese New Year sessions are open to all schools across Wales. We will be running them all day on 1 February, and schools will also have the chance to use the videos from 2 February.

The schedule for 1 February is as follows:

SessionStartEndTitleDescriptionSuitable for primary/secondary schoolsLive/recorded
19:009:30Introduction to Chinese New YearAn introduction to Chinese New Year including origins, why people celebrate and how they do it.BothLive
29:309:50Chinese New Year dinnerFood and food culture in different parts of China, including specific meanings.SecondaryRecorded
310:0010:30Story-tellingThe origin of Chinese ‘Door Gods’ and spring couplets.PrimaryLive
410:3010:50Introduction to Chinese Zodiac cultureThe 12 Zodiac animals and related idioms in Mandarin and English.BothRecorded
511:0011:30Chinese Arts and Crafts Workshop - CalligraphyA brief introduction and practical workshop on Chinese calligraphy.BothLive
611:3011:50Chinese New Year activitiesA comparison of new year activities in different parts the country and the Chinese-speaking world.BothRecorded
712:0012:30Chinese New Year customs and taboosWhat to do and what NOT to do during Chinese New Year!BothLive
813:3013:50Chinese New Year dinnerFood and food culture in different parts of China, including specific meanings.PrimaryRecorded
914:0014:30Story-tellingThe story of the Chinese ‘Wealthy God’ and common new year greetings.BothLive
1014:3014:50Chinese Arts and Crafts Workshop - Paper cuttingA brief introduction and practical workshop on the art of Chinese paper cutting.BothLive

Teachers, please can sign up for these sessions using this form.

Chinese New Year week: 2-4 February 2022

The activities from 1 February will be uploaded to Cardiff University’s educational resource pages and available for teachers or individuals to use from Wednesday 2 February. If you would like to know when they are going live, please register your contact details.

Please note that you can sign up for this option if you are not a teacher, therefore you do not need to use a work email.

More resources

You can also check out our Chinese New Year resources for 2021, many of which can also be used this year.
Chinese New Year 2022 - The Year of the Tiger - 3 tigers

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