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Sustainable Places Research Institute leaves a lasting legacy

10 December 2021

An image of a hilside

Cardiff University’s Sustainable Places Research Institute has today, Friday 10 December, launched its legacy report, detailing its impact and achievements since its inception in 2010.

The Institute’s closing report, Our Legacy, highlights the work conducted through the Institute, which brought together a wide range of academic disciplines – Geography, Biology and Ecology, Economics and Marketing, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Earth Science and Philosophy.

In its 11 years of operation, the Institute has been at the forefront of international research in the field of sustainable development, offering solutions to the problems of sustainability and the environment.

The Institute pioneered a unique place-based perspective, using it as a basis for inter- and transdisciplinary research between partners and the wider community. This approach has ensured lasting answers to the question of how to ensure more sustainable places and communities for current and future generations.

The Sustainable Places Research Institute leaves a legacy of practical initiatives, research projects, policy interventions and partnerships that will endure beyond the lifetime of the Institute.

You can download the Institute’s closing report, Our Legacy. You can also contact researchers associated with the Institute.

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