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Dr Ernest Chi Fru elected to the Council of the European Association of Geochemistry

10 December 2021

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences would like to congratulate Dr Ernest Chi Fru on his recent election to the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG) 2022.

Following the Council elections from 11 October to 3 November 2021, Dr Ernest Chi Fru was elected as a Councillor for a period of three years.

Dr Ernest Chi Fru is a Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences. His research centres around finding linkages between biogeochemical cycles and the environment, specifically how changing Earth chemistry promoted the evolution of life and how that life influences atmospheric and oceanic chemistry.

EAG is a non-profit organisation aiming to promote geochemistry worldwide. The EAG organises the Goldschmidt Conference in Europe and publishes a number of international scientific journals, such as Elements and Geochemical Perspectives Letters. It has yearly awards for outstanding and innovative contributions in geochemistry, and through short courses, conferences and grants the EAG supports students and early career researchers. EAG is run by a Council that consists of seven officers-councillors and nine to eleven councillors.

Dr Fru’s new position is a superb example of international leadership from staff within the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Congratulations to him on this achievement.

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