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Meet the new team members

23 November 2021

Researchers working in a busy chemistry lab

The cutting-edge medicines discovery team at Cardiff University has expanded, as new members join the centre of expertise, focused on finding novel therapies.

Ross Riseley and Thomas Brown have been bought into the Medicines Discovery Institute, contributing to vital projects that aim to discover new medicines and impact the lives of patients.

After completing postgraduate studies at the Institute, Ross Riseley joined the Institute as a Research Assistant.

“I did an MChem degree in Chemistry where I was lucky enough to do my masters project with the Medicines Discovery Institute. This not only gave me insight into how the Institute worked and allowed me to build collaborations with its members, but also drew me to join the Medicines Discovery Institute in the next chapter of my career.

“I now work as a Research Assistant on a project investigating acid ceramidase and its role in finding new medicines,” said Ross.

With a background in stem cell biology and developing therapies for cancer, Thomas Brown joins the Medicines Discovery Institute, working across multiple drug discovery projects.

“After completing my degree in Biomedical Science and masters degree in Biological and Bioprocess Engineering, I worked in a wide range of research environments, mainly focused on the development of therapies in cancer research and stem cell biology.

“I was first attracted to working with the Medicines Discovery Institute as it is an opportunity to contribute to developing novel therapies for humanities biggest problems. It is also an ideal opportunity to learn and study more about the biochemistry of these issues.

“My work at the Institute will cover two projects, both intended to discover more about the biochemistry of a wide range of cancer development and spread, and to present new ways to treat these diseases,” said Thomas.

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