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New Dean of Medicine

2 January 2014

New Dean of medicine

A new Dean overseeing all aspects of medical teaching and research has been appointed.

Professor John Bligh has taken over from Professor Paul Morgan as the University's Dean of the School of Medicine.

He is a former North Wales GP and one of the UK's leading figures in medical education and training.

On taking up his new post, Professor Bligh said: "As the Dean of the School of Medicine, I am committed to ensuring that the people of Wales get maximum value for money from their leading medical school without compromising on standards of education, research and public service.  

"As new technologies and scientific advances continue to be made, Cardiff will remain at the forefront, leading research that really makes a difference to peoples' lives.  

"We're already at the cutting edge of research into genomics and the genetics of disease, we're working to discover new ways of identifying and treating conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, and we're developing new drugs and interventions that will really make a difference to generations to come.  

"We know that certain diseases such as chest problems and diseases caused by smoking and obesity are a particular problem in parts of Wales and our programme of research will continue to focus on issues that affect our communities," he added.

Professor Bligh joined the University in 2010 from Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry where he was Professor of Clinical Education and Director of the Institute of Clinical Education.

He also led an expert Advisory Panel on assessment and selection for the Tooke Inquiry into Modern Medical Careers (MMC) and represented medical education research on the 2008 HEFCE Research Assessment Exercise.

From 1990 to 1995 he was International Fellow for Saudi Arabia for the Royal College of General Practitioners, helping to establish a postgraduate training programme for the Ministry of Health within the Kingdom.

He is a former Senior Lecturer in Medical Education and Director of the University Medical Education Unit at the University of Liverpool during which time he was a member of the foundation staff at the International Medical College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In 1995 he was appointed Professor of Primary Care Education at the University of Liverpool, and subsequently Professor of Medical Education.

Over the last four years, Professor Bligh has overseen a complete overhaul of the University's medical teaching and learning programme in his capacity as Dean of Medical Education.

The aim of the reforms has been to lay greater stress on clinical relevance and produce students who emerge from medical school properly prepared to make the transition into safe, skilled and caring clinicians.

Professor Bligh adds: "We're also investing in the future – and this must and will continue.

"By training young doctors who are prepared to serve and lead healthcare though the challenges and uncertainties that they will face throughout a lifetime of practice, we are working to ensure that the patients of the future will be in safe hands."

Former Dean of the School of Medicine, Professor Paul Morgan said: "I am pleased to now be handing over the reins to a very accomplished colleague who will be far more than a safe pair of hands."

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