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New Publication: ‘Environmental Thought: A Short History’ by Cardiff Professor

25 August 2021

Robin Attfield

The most recent publication from Professor Robin Attfield, emeritus professor at Cardiff’s Sustainable Places Research Institute (PLACE), takes readers on an investigative journey into the development of environmental thought across the centuries.

Professor Attfield has previously written and contributed to many publications on topics of ethics and environmental studies, however   explained the purpose of Environmental Thought was specifically to focus on the period of Charles Darwin’s work onwards. Attfield expressed gratitude toward PLACE for “providing the office in which this book was written” and technical support that “rescued the author from abject despair more than occasionally.”

The short history tackles discourse surrounding “the American debate” and ideas on the origins of the science of ecology; also investigating the roots of environmentalism and key figures of 1960’s and 70’s movements such as Aldo Leopold and Rachel Carson.

Attfield described researching and producing the section on environmental philosophy as “familiar ground” for himself, which precedes an exploration of the ecotheologians, ecofeminists, sociobiologists and their opponents.

The concluding thoughts and reflections on the climate and biodiversity crisis of the current period make this short history a pivotal work for students and scholars seeking an introduction to the major debates in environmental philosophy today.

To find out more about Environmental Thought, and to order a copy, visit the Polity Books website here.