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Prof Lynne Boddy MBE wins 2021 Arboricultural Association (AA) Award

15 September 2021

Professor Lynne Boddy
Professor Lynne Boddy

The fungal ecologist was recognised for her “significant and positive contribution to the arboricultural profession” by the largest organisation for tree care professionals in the UK

Prof Boddy was nominated for the award due to her role in elucidating the positive and vital interactions of fungi with trees and their interconnected ecosystems.

One of the nominees stated: “Lynne is renowned as an exceptional speaker and outreach educator, able to communicate research in plain language and in a very engaging way. This is exemplified in her most recent ground-breaking publication Fungi and Trees - their Complex Relationships, in which she has distilled a lifetime of research in easily accessible language, to better inform and provide a deeper understanding of these relationships for all who study or work with trees. For arboriculturists especially, it is a major contribution to help us conserve and manage trees for all their values.”

The AA is the largest membership organisation in the UK for those employed within the tree care sector. It is the leading voice on all arboricultural matters in the UK and champions the sustainable management of trees.

Prof Boddy said: “This award is very special for a couple of reasons. Firstly, awards I have previously won have been related almost exclusively to fungal ecology but this one is related to trees, and as we know a tree is never just a tree, but a tree plus very many fungi. Secondly, it also reflects relevance to practitioners, and I hope that means my findings and work have been relevant to the real world.”

Prof Boddy thanked all of the students and collaborators who have worked with her over the years, as well as arborists for their interest in her work and sharing knowledge of the consequences of fungal interactions with trees, which often sparked new investigations.

The award was presented to Prof Boddy by Chair Michelle Ryan during the AA’s National Amenity “Trees & Society” Conference.

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