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Professor Christine Bundy receives prestigious award

14 July 2021

Christine Bundy, Professor of Health Psychology & Behavioural Medicine at Cardiff University, who currently conducts translational research using psychology to improve patient care, receives annual award from the British Psychology Society's Division of Health Psychology.

With a career spanning over 40 years, Professor Bundy has been awarded the 'Distinguished Contribution to Health Psychology Award'. This is an annual award given to one person elected by the British Psychological Society (BPS) committee. The award highlights the Division of Health Psychology members who have demonstrated an outstanding and lasting contribution to the discipline of health psychology and the benefits on individuals, communities, stakeholders, and organisations.

Chris commented; ‘I feel so honoured to have this support from my peers. So often we feel we are working alone, sometimes in the challenging environment of the NHS and it’s great to know my peers and colleagues are prepared to express such generous and kind sentiments about the difference they believe I make.’

‘I fully appreciate the great contribution all of us in health psychology make to the development of our science and patient care both directly and indirectly. I sincerely thank the BPS for this recognition.’

After holding several lectureship appointments at Dundee University; Bangor University and University of Manchester, Chris has been a part of the School of Healthcare Sciences for four years. Her contributions include the delivery of psychological interventions for mood management and behaviour change in patients with long-term inflammatory conditions. She also trains motivational interviewing skills in health care staff as part of their routine consultations.

The British Psychological Society (BPS) Committee noted;

‘Her contribution to the development of inclusion of health psychology in medical education is immense. For those of us who work as health psychologists in medical school settings, she has been an inspiration.’

’…elevating the voices of people living with long-term conditions and providing front-line healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills and resources required to deliver psychologically informed patient-centred care.’

Furthermore, the Chair of the Committee Professor Angel Chater stated;

‘Congratulations Chris on a truly well-deserved award. The panel were unanimous in their decision and were incredibly impressed with your achievements, the impact that you have made and your advocacy for health psychology. The markings of a true leader in the field… I hope that this is a warm testimony of your Distinguished Contribution to Health Psychology.’

Support and congratulations were shared by the Head of the School of Healthcare Sciences, Professor David Whitaker;

‘It’s very satisfying to realise that here in Cardiff we have a world leader in the important and growing area of Health Psychology. So well done Chris, what a great example to researchers at all levels within the School.’

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