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Cardiff researchers receive Robert Mitchum Award

14 July 2021

hydrothermal vents

Congratulations to Chantelle Roelofse, Dr Tiago Alves and Kamaldeen Omosanya on being awarded the Robert Mitchum Award for the best paper published in Basin Research for the year 2021.

Cardiff University researcher Chantelle Roelofse and co-authors Dr Tiago Alves and Kamaldeen Omosanya have been awarded the 2021 Robert Mitchum Award for their paper "Reutilisation of hydrothermal vent complexes for focused fluid flow on continental margins (Modgunn Arch, Norwegian Sea)," which appeared in volume 33 of Basin Research in March 2021.

The annual Robert Mitchum Award is presented by the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) to the author of the best paper published in Basin Research during the preceding calendar year. The winning paper must meet high scientific standards and should represent a significant contribution to one or more of the disciplines represented by the journal.

The award-winning research emphasizes the importance of characterising ancient magmatic structures, as hydrothermal conduits and vent structures were, and may still be, reutilised as preferential fluid flow pathways to shallower strata. The study used three-dimensional seismic data to interpret the relative timing and spatial distribution of intrusions and associated hydrothermal vent complexes on the Modgunn Arch. The work in this study was conducted during a PhD study undertaken as part of the Natural Environment Research Council Centre for Doctoral Training. It is sponsored by Cardiff University and the British Geological Survey via the British University Funding Initiative.

The Awards Ceremony will be held in conjunction with the 82nd EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition which is scheduled to take place on 18-21 October 2021 in Amsterdam.

Please join us in congratulating Chantelle, Kamal and Tiago on this achievement and be sure to read their winning publication.

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