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Crowdsourcing names for our new Welsh-language Academy

16 June 2021

Share your suggestions for Cardiff University’s Welsh-language Academy.

Cardiff University’s new Welsh Language Strategy, which offers an institutional focus on celebrating, championing and connecting with the Welsh language across all aspects of University life, was recently launched.

The strategy – named Yr Alwad/Embrace It – builds on existing Welsh Language initiatives, networks and activities, drawing them together into a clear and defined cultural and community agenda.

Key to achieving and implementing the strategy’s ambitions is establishing a new Academy, an institute within Cardiff University that connects those involved with the Welsh language – whether students, staff or external stakeholders. Dr Huw Williams, Dean for the Welsh Language, explains: “By creating this formal entity, our intention is to create and support a cross-organisational network based around sharing good practice, working more closely together and making our everyday Welsh-language experience the best it can be.

“This will provide a basis for developing our welcoming, inclusive Welsh-language community that encourages participation regardless of your grasp of the language. In particular, we want to ensure that the majority of our fluent speakers benefit from some of our provision, while also ensuring that those who are not fluent or have no Welsh enjoy a positive experience of the language.

“The Academy will work across educational, professional services and extra-curricular aspects within the University, reflecting wider objectives: a Welsh institution with a global view, in a cosmopolitan and friendly, multilingual and multicultural city.”

“We wish to establish a name for the Academy that reflects the above ethos and connects to the Welsh language and Welsh culture, whether through the name of a relevant individual or a name of another kind. We call on our students, staff and alumni to submit their suggestions to us so that the Academy’s origins are grounded in collaboration and connectivity.”

Dr Huw Williams Dean for the Welsh Language, Reader in Philosophy and Associate Lecturer with the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol

Send your suggestions to by Friday 2 July. A panel will consider submissions before deciding on the final name, to be announced later this summer.

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