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School members join Unlearning Racism in Geoscience programme

1 March 2021

Unlearning Racism in Geoscience

Staff and students from the School have joined a new education and training course called Unlearning Racism in Geoscience (URGE).

The National Science Foundation supported programme aims to facilitate anti-racism work in geoscience departments around the country to improve accessibility, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

These changes are inspired by the recognition that the racism and injustices impacting society are reflected and perpetuated in academia, especially in geosciences, which are among the least diverse fields within STEM.

URGE’s primary objectives are to:

  • Deepen the community’s knowledge of the effects of racism on the participation and retention of Black, Brown, and Indigenous people in geoscience.
  • Draw on existing literature, expert opinions, and personal experiences to develop anti-racist policies and strategies.
  • Share, discuss and modify anti-racist policies and strategies within a dynamic community network and on a national stage.

The School of Earth and Environmental Science URGE pod consists of 19 members, including students and staff.

The course includes eight two-week sessions – each session including 1-2 journal articles on racism and an interview with an expert. The pod will host meetings over the coming months aimed at updating the School on their conversations, findings, and recommendations.

Interested in following along with the URGE curriculum? Follow the readings and videos on the URGE website.

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