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Cardiff University in conversation with…Kevin McCloud (MBE)

23 February 2021

Conversations with KM
Cardiff University Conversation with...Kevin McCloud

Dr Jo Patterson from the Welsh School of Architecture recently had a very topical and interesting conversation with Kevin McCloud (MBE) on how we can achieve sustainable housing now.

The conversation was part of a new series of online public events that aims to bring together eminent thinkers and world leading experts at Cardiff University to discuss and highlight the important issues currently facing our planet and its people.

Dr Jo Patterson is a Senior Research Fellow in the Welsh School of Architecture and has 25 years of experience in the development and delivery of fundamental and applied research projects in the area of sustainability in the built environment with a particular focus on energy. Jo is also Project Lead for the Low Carbon Built Environment (LCBE) project that has recently collaborated with Swansea Council on a comprehensive energy refurbishment of a row of bungalows in the Swansea valley.

Jo began the conversation by asking Kevin ‘What is a sustainable home?’ This led to a very interesting discussion around the built environment and people’s behaviour.

Kevin commented:

“There is no such thing as a sustainable home…it has nothing to do with building and everything to do with behaviour…we can live as efficiently as possible but we also need to adjust the way we behave.”

Inevitably the conversation turned to the pandemic and how it can be seen as an opportunity to change the way we live and work:

COVID-19 is an opportunity to change our lifestyle for good…we have all learned to work and study remotely, I’m suggesting that this will play a part in the future……the built environment matters more than it ever did, the desire for architects is greater than ever and they have a very important role to play

Kevin McCloud (MBE)

Kevin went on to answer questions from the audience on topics such as his own home, his building ambitions and his vision for the future.

The conversation with Kevin was watched live by over 800 viewers who called it  'interesting' 'fantastic' and 'inspirational' on social media.

The event is now available to watch online on the #CUConversations webpage.

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