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ARCCA Support Analyst receives NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Ambassador Award

30 November 2020

Jose Criollo Nvidia Ambassador

We are pleased to announce that ARCCA's Systems Support / Developer Analyst, Jose Javier Munoz Criollo has been awarded certified NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Ambassador status.

Jose settled in the UK and joined the ARCCA team in June 2019 having previously worked remotely for ARCCA on a 6-month contract. Throughout this time, Jose has delivered computational support and training to the Cardiff research community.

Having completed a PhD in Engineering at Cardiff University followed by a three year contract as a Research Associate, Jose has published a notable series of peer reviewed papers in computational engineering. This background provides a solid understanding of the processes and principles applicable to a wide range of areas in developing mathematical models to solve analytical and numerical problems. With expertise in software development, optimisation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine and Deep Learning, Jose’s DLI Ambassador status further compliments the skill set that he delivers to the Cardiff research community through his role at ARCCA.

The DLI University Ambassador Program enables qualified educators to teach DLI workshops at university campuses and academic conferences to faculty, students, and researchers at no cost, complementing the traditional theoretical approaches to university education in Machine Learning, Data Science, AI and Parallel Computing.

DLI Ambassadors have access to a wealth of Deep Learning training material to support research into AI and techniques to exploit Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology. Jose has successfully completed two teaching programme certifications which we aim to incorporate into the ARCCA training schedule for early 2021. These courses will cover “Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA Python” and “Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++”, with a view to expanding these options in future to include additional courses in collaboration with the research community.

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