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Join the Bag It Bin It campaign

6 November 2020

The Severn Estuary Partnership, an independent initiative hosted by Cardiff University, has recently launched the ‘Bag It Bin It’ Dog Fouling campaign as part of its flagship Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset project.

Throughout the month of November, Litter Free Coast and Sea will be running a new campaign to encourage people to pick-up after their dogs. With the nights drawing in and the seasonal dog bans on the beaches lifting, there is always an increase in dog fouling on the streets and along the beach compared to the summer months.

Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset is working with Litter Free Coast and Sea DorsetLitter Free Dorset, Burnham and Highbridge Town Council and Sedgemoor District Council to launch the Bag It Bin It campaign in a bid to tackle the issue of dog fouling.

You can follow the Bag It Bin It campaign on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Use the hashtag #BAGITBINIT. The key messages will focus on ‘no matter the size of your dog, place or time of day, always pick up’ and bag it and bin it.

Judging what is socially and environmentally acceptable to do with your dog's faeces can be a bit of minefield so Litter Free Coast and Sea have debunked some of the myths and simplified everything.

We are asking for volunteers to work in collaboration with local town councils and Litter Free Coast and Sea to undertake ground stencilling and survey work. If you would like to join the campaign, please email us or visit our website for further information.

Do you have an issue with dog fouling near to you? We have created some free to use resources to help you tackle the issue and we would love to work with you to roll out this campaign in your area.

Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset is the flagship project of the Severn Estuary Partnership. The project was set up in 2016, funded by Wessex Water, the Environment Agency, Sedgemoor District Council and Cardiff University. The community-led campaign is designed to protect bathing water quality and reduce levels of beach and marine litter along the coast.

Litter Free Coast and Sea Dorset is the sister project to Litter Free Coast and Sea Somerset and will be running the Bag it Bin It campaign along with Litter Free Dorset and the Severn Estuary Partnership, hosted by Cardiff University.

The Severn Estuary Partnership team are always keen to hear from anyone who would like to find out more and get involved with any of their projects, so please get in touch.

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