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Physics graduate sets up YouTube channel and stands out

6 October 2020

Animated image of Science with Bexy

Rebecca Fitch, Cardiff University physics graduate, has been nominated for the 'STEM in Defence Award' for her amazing achievements in bringing physics to the young minds of today.

It all began in March of this year when Rebecca decided to start a science-themed YouTube Channel. The channel, ‘Science with Bexy’, led to her being nominated for the 'STEM in Defence Award' for her philanthropic contribution to the next generation of scientists.

Women in Defence is an organisation set up to support and highlight females working in the Defence industry. Over 530 women were nominated for this year's awards, with just 64 making it onto the shortlist.

In response to her nomination Rebecca told us,

“I feel so honoured to have been shortlisted, out of such a huge number of what I'm sure are amazing nominees.  The YouTube Channel is hard work, so being recognised by an award like this is amazing!”.

‘Science with Bexy’’s mission is clear – to explain physics concepts in a fun and simple way. Following the format of one curriculum topic per episode, it’s not hard to see how it’s grabbed the attention of young and enquiring minds.

Speaking of her decision to create the channel, she says:

“It was an accumulation of my experiences in industry and my passion for physics that made me decide to start my YouTube Channel.

I've always seen myself as a very average student, but with a passion for pursuing Physics.

My experience as a female physics student at Cardiff University was nothing but positive; however, since I've been working, I have faced challenges being a younger female in a male-dominated industry.

Overall, I want to show other females what a Physicist and Scientist can look like and be a relatable role-model for students who don't fit the typical 'physicist' mould”.

Rebecca feels passionately about making a difference and giving physics the credit it deserves. Highlighting some of the challenges that Physics faces today, she told us:

“I think that the sciences, especially Physics, sometimes have an undeserved reputation. Physics is generally seen as difficult and a subject that you must be a genius to pursue and can even sometimes be classed as ‘boring’. But I want to join the fight in trying to dispel these negative and undeserved stereotypes”.

Speaking to and inspiring the Physicists of tomorrow is what Rebecca has achieved, with her brave and creative decision to host her own YouTube channel.

She was pleased to tell us that her company fully supported her endeavour, saying “when the Women in Defence award nominations opened, multiple colleagues nominated me for the 'STEM in Defence Award”.

And it doesn’t stop there, as she told us that she’s also “been a big STEM advocate and volunteer for STEM activities whenever I can - for example, I’ve presented to junior schools about my career in Engineering”.

A successful student, Rebecca graduated from Cardiff University in 2016 with a BSc Physics and Astronomy with Professional Placement degree. Following graduation, she secured a role as a Systems Engineering Consultant, which she still enjoys today. Follow her engaging videos on her YouTube channel, Science with Bexy.

Here at the School of Physics we are so proud of Rebecca’s inspirational endeavours and send the warmest congratulations for her amazing achievement.

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