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Cardiff University renames School to reflect a new focus for the future

28 September 2020

On 1 October 2020, the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences will become the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The School will change its name to the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences to better reflect the breadth of research and teaching activities within the School.

The new name fits well with the current raised awareness and focus on environmental sustainability across the University’s activities and within wider society.

It is a concrete response to the declaration of a Climate Emergency made earlier this year by Cardiff University and will strongly increase the visibility, reach and collaboration of environmental teaching and research across the institution.

The name change, the Head of School Professor Ian Hall said, “underscores the urgency and importance of Earth and environmental science at Cardiff University and in today’s society.”

As the study of Earth has evolved, Cardiff University’s role in exploring the dynamics and processes of the ever-changing planet has developed.

"Our School’s new name recognises how the fields of Earth and environmental science have evolved to encompass the study of the processes of climate change and the solutions required to tackle it. The name change reflects the growing diversity of the questions that our faculty ask and answer about the dynamics of the Earth. Moreover, it recognises how our scientists make discoveries that support the future of life on our planet.”

As part of the School’s rebranding, three tailored degree programmes will be offered to train the next generation of environmental scientists, including a new undergraduate degree in Environmental Sustainability Science (BSc) and two new master’s degrees in Water in a Changing World (MSc) and Environmental Hazards (MSc).

To mark the name change, the School will be showcasing some of the work the staff and students are doing to help solve crucial environmental issues.

The origin of study in the Earth and geographical sciences at Cardiff began in 1891 with the appointment of S.W. Galloway as Professor and Head of the Mining department.

“With a new focus and direction, we are excited to see what the future holds for the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences,” said Professor Hall.

The new name will take effect on 1 October 2020.

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