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Make yourself at home with Chinese

17 September 2020

Students learning Mandarin Chinese in a classroom at Cardiff University

Thinking about learning Mandarin but not sure you have time?

This semester, Cardiff University are offering their part-time language courses for adults online, perfect for anyone who has a hectic work-life, family obligations, or just feel they study better at home.

Five great reasons to learn Mandarin at Cardiff University this semester

Get taught by our fantastic Confucius Institute tutors

“… my teacher always granted us the opportunities to expand our knowledge through going to cultural experiences… at first the Chinese language seemed daunting and somewhat of an impossible language to conquer but with the help of my teachers, it seemed more manageable.” 

- Ethan Mayo, Chinese learner

Use it in real life

“Occasionally I encounter a member of the public who speaks Mandarin as their first language… I have found it easier to listen and understand the conversation between the interpreter and the client before the interpreter gives me a translation.”

- ‘Hopeful polyglot’ Johann, Chinese Beginners I and II

Meet new people

“I really enjoyed this year’s class at the Confucius Institute. I learned a lot and also made several new friends. In fact, four of us have kept in touch during the lockdown and over the summer, and we still “meet up” via WhatsApp every week to continue studying and practising on our own.”

- Chris Burns, Intermediate Chinese

Realise the language is not as hard as you thought

“I would like to tell people that the Chinese language is not as daunting as first glance. Hopefully you can see this as an opportunity to improve yourself”.

- Ethan Mayo, Chinese learner

Take an internationally-recognised qualification (if you like)

“I have completed Chinese Beginners I and II, during the same time I have passed HSK 1 and 2… I know that attending the courses helped to prepare me for the exams, and it improved my listening and reading comprehensive.”

- ‘Hopeful polyglot’ Johann, Chinese Beginners I and II

Find out more

The part-time courses for adults are held at a range of levels for Mandarin, from Beginners 1 for those just starting out to Advanced if you have been studying for a while. Additionally, as they have been designed specifically for members of the public, they are held largely in the evenings in order to reduce clashes with other commitments.

To learn more about or apply for one of our courses, visit the Cardiff University website. If you have any specific questions, please email the Cardiff Confucius Centre at

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