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21 July 2020

Online learning
Online learning

This autumn we are launching hundreds of part-time online courses to stimulate your imagination and help you increase your knowledge. Whilst you will have access to course-related information and learning resources at any time, we will continue to use scheduled teaching sessions for you to interact with both your tutor, and fellow students, in a virtual and vibrant classroom environment.

Earlier this year we all had to start adapting to what the media termed ‘the new normal’. This was a seismic shift for the delivery of part-time courses for adults. Traditionally we have taught students in the classroom for the vast majority of our courses but world events meant we had to act swiftly to maintain this provision.

Courses that had been planned for the classroom had to be switched online. Our teaching and administration staff reacted quickly and professionally to this challenge and we appreciate their efforts. In response we ran a series of language conversation classes and completed the current academic year with a flourish.

The enthusiasm and determination to deliver an exciting learning experience was rewarded with positive feedback from our students:

“I think the course was outstanding. There was a wonderful range of topics covered and each class was brilliantly taught by an expert in their subject who was very motivated and gave thoughtful and encouraging feedback. The course definitely broadened my horizons! I enjoyed both the zoom and the recorded sessions but slightly preferred the recorded as I had the flexibility to pause and read something or think through an idea. Thank you for a really brilliant course.”

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the two weeks of Spanish Classes. I really enjoyed them and you were so kind and enthusiastic you made them fun - it could have been much more daunting but your positivity really helped! Thank you very much - I hope I will continue to learn more”

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